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Welcome to our news page. Here you will find a veriety of hopefully interesting and informative articles about Treeline as well as wider forestry subjects. The articles are split into different categories, covering our range of activities as well as a look at different items of machinery, and some informative articles for reference. We try to keep the articles brief but packed with pictures and hope that you enjoy them.

Treeline Installs a Log Drying Kiln

12/04/15  post by Nick Marshall

Treeline has recently taken delivery of a wood fuelled log drying kiln and so can now offer our customers locally produced kiln dried firewood, dried using renewable energy, and guaranteed to be below 20% moisture content.

Treeline is Now Stocking Wood Pellets

16/03/15  post by Nick Marshall

If you are looking for a helpful and reliable local wood pellet supplier then look no further.  Treeline is now stocking and delivering pellets. Flexible deliveries and variable order size options available with just a click of your mouse.

The Malwa Forwarder's First Job

04/11/14  post by Nick Marshall

A look at the first job we extracted with the Malwa, 200 tonnes of thinnings from a small woodland on an estate in central Scotland.  We were very impressed with this first outing...

Treeline Woodfuel is Authorised Under the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL)

10/10/14  post by Nick Marshall

An assurance that Treeline's woodfuel is truly sustainable and sensibly sourced.  For more information on this please read the related article.

Malwa - Treeline Visits Sweden to try the Malwa 560F Forwarder

31/08/14  post by Nick Marshall

A look at what took us to Sweden to visit the Malwa factory and eventually buy one of their machines.