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Treeline is a family-run forestry business based in the Scottish Borders. We are a professional, personable and passionate company that takes great pride in the high standard of our work. We provide woodland management and contracting services as well as supplying high-quality wood fuel across Southern Scotland, including the Borders, Edinburgh and the Lothians.

About Us

Scottish Forestry

Treeline Woodlands Ltd. is a family run business based in the Pentland Hills just south of Edinburgh. The company has been involved in Scottish forestry for over 20 years, providing all woodland services across the Borders, Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Our Services

Forestry Scotland

Treeline provide the complete range of services for woodland owners. From initial planning and grant application to the establishment of new woodlands or auditing and woodland management of mature stands prior to the harvesting and processing of the timber.

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Firewood Shop

Firewood Scotland

Our aim is simple - to provide the best woodfuel money can buy - and we guarantee our logs.

Treeline produce and sell quality, seasoned firewood logs. We also supply a wide range of additional woodfuel products, from bulk loads of unprocessed raw timber to compressed sawdust briquettes, pellets, kindling and firelighters.

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The latest news

Malwa Upgrade

02/02/18 | posted by Nick Marshall

After 3 and a half years of using our Malwa forwarder and working it hard we decided it was time to trade it in for one of their new and hugely improved models

3 Years with the Malwa

26/11/17 | posted by Nick Marshall

An update on how we have been getting on with our Malwa 560f forwarder after three years of use and some pictures of what we have been doing with it.