Forestry Management

Woodland maintenance is key to the success of your forestry. Whatever your aims, Treeline can help with all on-going maintenance of your trees while they are young and throughout their lives. 

All young plantations require careful maintenance in order to succeed. Following the planting of your trees we will monitor your plantation to ensure progress and compliance with conditions of grant funding. We will then carry out maintenance as and when necessary.

With more mature woodlands we will survey and advise on how best to achieve your aims whether your woodlands are intended for sport, landscaping, shelter or timber production.

Successful woodlands demand a wide range of maintenance strategies. Young trees require weeding to eliminate competition and plantations often need beating up to ensure correct stocking densities. Hardwoods require pruning and thinning from an early age to ensure the production of quality timber.  Coniferious plantations may require brashing or the cutting of rides for access and sporting reasons. We can provide all of these services.

Services offered include:

  • Mechanical and chemical weeding
  • Beating up (re-stocking)
  • Pruning
  • Brashing
  • Thinning