Tree Planting

Productive trees need specialist care and you can be confident that Treeline has the knowledge and experience to give your trees the best start.

At the planning stage we will work with you to select and source the most appropriate species for your project. We will then devise the ideal planting pattern for your aims and environment.

On the ground our dedicated workforce take this planning and use it to make your woodland a reality. We understand that there is a great deal more to tree planting than simply putting plants in the ground. Our workforce ensure that plants are correctly located, that the ground is suitably prepared, and that purpose-made tools are used to allow roots can develop successfully. We also protect against mammals and vegetation and conduct any required maintenance. With experience and conscientiousness we ensure that your woodland thrives.

Services offered include:

  • Sourcing of suitable materials
  • Dedicated workforce
  • Fencing
  • Ground preparation
  • Woodland/forestry planting
  • Protection
  • Mechanical and chemical weeding