About Us

Treeline Woodlands Ltd. is a family-run forestry business based on Baddinsgill, a Pentland hill farm near West Linton in the Scottish Borders. Behind the success of both Treeline and Baddinsgill lie husband and wife team, Gavin and Elaine Marshall, their son Nick, and a dedicated and enthusiastic workforce. 

About Treeline

Here at Treeline we inject energy into any project and take great pride in the high standard of our work. We provide woodland management and contracting services as well as supplying high quality wood fuel across Southern Scotland, including the Borders, Edinburgh and the Lothians.

We differ a little from other forestry management companies in that much of our labour is directly employed.

An introduction to Gavin Marshall and the ethos behind Treeline

Gavin Marshall started Treeline in 1991 having spent several years working for land agents and a large forestry management company. He perceived a need for a company that tied management and contracting together so as to provide a complete service. 

A few words about Baddinsgill, where Treeline is based

As woodland owners ourselves we understand the many varied aims and constraints of managing woodlands on a mixed farm or estate.  Baddinsgill is both a shooting estate and a hill farm, with 93ha of mixed woodlands.  Our varied woodlands fulfil a multitude of uses including;

  • sporting use
  • shelter for livestock
  • provision of commercial timber  
  • provision of timber products and wood fuel
  • wildlife and nature conservation
  • visual enhancement

Our woodlands are very much a work in progress, as we feel any well-managed woodland should be. We encourage public access and are always delighted to see others enjoying them.

The Complete Woodland Package

Woodland management has always been at the heart of Treeline. The company began by concentrating mainly on woodland establishment and small tree work. Over the years we have steadily expanded and diversified the range of services that we can provide. We can now deliver the complete woodland package, encompassing all the relevant management activities as well as carrying out the work on the ground.

For more information on the woodland services we offer see our forestry pages.

The Complete Woodfuel Package

We have supplied firewood since Treeline first started in 1991. For a long time it was a convenient way to fill the quieter months and utilise a waste product. In 2005 we realised that working in this way, as many log suppliers do, was not providing our clients with the usual standards of Treeline service.  With the demand for high quality wood fuel increasing we had a major re-think and decided to focus on wood fuel supply as a stand-alone enterprise within the company.  To this end we invested in new machinery and built dedicated storage, focussing on supplying consistent, ready to burn firewood. Since then we have steadily improved our systems and built additional sheds to store and dry our wood. We are proud to provide a very high quality product and our sales are doubling year on year.

For additional information on our woodfuel please visit our firewood pages.

Whatever your aims, get in touch and we will be pleased to help in any way we can.

Gavin Marshall hard at work woodland planning Nick Marshall extracting timber Andrew having just completed a selective fell with the harvester Chris banding tree stakes ready for delivery Steve and Craig felling a large Spruce A view over Baddinsgill