AMR 5m Conveyor

5m AMR Conveyor

Independent conveyor, suitable for moving wood or other materials.  Materials are loaded through the intake funnel (60 cm above ground) and are carried as high as 3 m giving ample clearance for trailers and other holding facilities.

Standard features:

  • Horizontal folding for safe transport (non - road use)
  • Drawbar attachment for easy manouverability
  • Telescopic conveyor with safety grid and individual sections
  • Tension & working height adjustment handle
  • Intake funnel (700 x 400 mm)
  • Conveyor working anlge adjustment
  • 4 wheels for stability, 2 pivoting
  • Hydrualic flow control on tractor (external) hydraulic driven model

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Conveyor Length5 m
Conveyor SpeedUp to 0.9 m/s
Transport Dimensions1600 x 2600 x 1200 mm (HxLxB)
Country of ManufactureFrance
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