Postlock 20kg

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Fine mix postcrete 20kg in weather resistant plastic bags. Used to secure posts in pre-dug holes. We recommend a minimum of one bag of postcrete per post hole.

We'd recommend 1-2 bags of postcrete per post depending on ground type and size of post.  

Instructions: This product requires nothing else except the addition of clean water. As a guide, add 3 to 4.5 litres of water per 20kg bag and mix for approximately 5 minutes. The quantity of water may vary depending on the substrate and weather conditions. Some substrates may require further preparation to control absorption. Do not apply unless air temperature is 4 degrees Celsius or above. Surfaces must be frost-free. Setting time is approximately 8-12 minutes.

Important: All products are manufactured from natural materials which may result in slight variations in shading. Whilst every care is taken to ensure consistency, no guarantees can be given to this effect and where a colour is selected, it is essential that a test panel is produced to ensure the shading is to the satisfaction of the end user. Store away from sources of moisture.

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