Fencing supplies in Midlothian

Fencing Supplies

We offer timber and metal fencing supplies near West Linton in Midlothian, Scotland.

Fence Posts supplies

Fencing Supplies

Treeline Woodlands Ltd took on the business of Acorn Fencing and Timber Products Ltd from the 1st August 2019.

Treeline Woodlands

*COVID-19 Policy Statement*

For customers requiring timber from our timber yard we remain open but with some additional measures in place toprotect our customers and workforce.  We will arrange for orders to be left in bays in the car park just outside our yard for collection or will deliver. All orders must be pre arranged and paid by card over the phone or by bank transfer.  We will then email the paperwork to you.


Acorn Fencing and Timber Products Ltd. have been a successful fencing and timber supplies business operating throughout the Scottish Borders and Edinburgh area. This is an exciting fencing and timber supplies business to bring to Treeline Woodlands Ltd.

Public & Trade Welcome

We look forward to supplying the general public and trade customers with all their fencing requirements for the future.

Fencing Supplies for The Scottish Borders, Midlothian & Edinburgh Area

We operate from the Treeline Woodlands Ltd. office and timber yard at Baddinsgill, West Linton, south of Edinburgh.

We are well placed to service the Scottish Borders and Edinburgh area with a variety of fencing and timber products for domestic, agricultural and forestry fencing needs.

Our High-Quaility Fencing Products

We carry a varied specification of fully pressure-treated fencing materials. These include: Strainers, fence posts, square sawn posts, peeled rounds, half-rounds, sleepers, boards and rails as well as a variety of high tensile/mild steel wires, rabbit netting and Rylock fencing mesh.

We have the following timber and metal products available it a variety of lengths and sizes.

  • Fence posts
  • Strainers
  • Rails
  • Boards
  • Decking
  • Sleepers
  • Gates
  • Fencing wire
  • Netting
  • Barbed wire
  • Ironmongery
  • and more...

Metal & Wooden Gates + Fencing Sundries

We also supply metal and wooden gates in a variety of sizes plus all hanging equipment, staples, lashing rods and most other fencing sundries


Please note ordering is not possible via the website.  If you would like to place an order, please email your requirements to [email protected] or call 01968 660698.

Collection or Delivery

Treeline Woodlands Ltd. can offer delivery of fencing materials, or help loading if you prefer to collect from our timber and fencing yard in the Scottish Borders.

When ordering materials, please note that they are delivered by a transit van sized truck which will need enough space to access and drop off the timber close by. 

Treeline now offers fencing products Fence posts Fence - Straining posts Fencing products - Midlothian - Scotland Fence posts, West Linton Fencing supplies

Our Fencing Supplies - Product List

If a trade customer please contact us for discounts on bulk orders.

DescriptionNet Price each
Sawn Timber
100 x 200 x 2.4m Sleeper £17.24
19 x 100 x 1.2m Slat £0.76
19 x 100 x 1.8m Slat £1.22
19 x 150 x 1.2m Slat £1.13
19 x 150 x 1.8m Slat £1.65
19 x 150 x 3.6m Board £3.44
19 x 150 x 4.8m Board £4.41
22 x 150 x 3.6m Board £3.99
32 x 75 x 3.6m Rail £2.75
32 x 88 x 3.6m Rail £3.14
38 x 100 x 3.6m Chamfered Rail £8.05
38 x 100 x 4.8m Rail £5.63
38 x 88 x 3.6m Rail £4.04
47 x 100 x 4.8m Batten £6.94
47 x 150 x 4.8m Batten £10.42
47 x 200 x 4.8m Batten £13.90
Square Stob
3" Square Stob 5' (75 x 75 x 1.5m) Pointed £3.01
3" Square Stob 5'6" (75 x 75 x 1.65m) Pointed £3.43
3" Square Stob 6' (75 x 75 x 1.8m) Pointed £3.58
4" Square Post x 10' Unpointed (100 x 100 x 3m) £9.24
4" Square Post x 12' Unpointed (100 x 100 x 3.6m) £14.22
4" Square Post x 5'6" (100 x 100 x 1.65m) £5.32
4" Square Post x 6' Unpointed (100 x 100 x 1.8m) £5.61
4" Square Post x 8' Unpointed (100 x 100 x 2.4m) £9.07
Peeled round
150-175 x 2.25m Pointed Turner £13.23
150-175 x 2.4m Pointed Turner (Creosoted) £29.93
175-200 x 2.25m Pointed Strainer £15.00
175-200 x 2.4m Pointed Strainer (Creosoted) £39.57
175-200 x 3m Pointed Deer Strainer £25.27
2nd Grade 175-200 x 3m Pointed Deer Strainer £15.53
Deer Stob / Stay x 8'6" (75-100mm x 2.6m) £5.05
Peeled Round Stob x 5'6" (75-100mm x 1.65m) £2.79
X-Heavy Peeled Round Stob 5'6" (100-120mm x 1.65m) £3.33
2.5mm High Tensile Plain Wire (Reel Easy) x 650m (25kg) £43.00
3.15mm High Tensile Plain Wire (Coil) x 410m (25kg) £41.43
3.15mm High Tensile Plain Wire (Reel-Easy) x 410m (25kg) £43.00
4mm Mild Steel Plain Wire (Coil) x 250m (25kg) £41.84
High Tensile Barbed Wire x 200m £30.30
Mild Steel Barbed Wire x 200m £32.85
1050/31/19 X 50m Rabbit Net £42.29
HT8/80/15 x 100m Stock Net £101.13
HT8/80/15 x 250m Stock Net £252.85
LHT13/190/15 X 100m Light Deer Net £174.60
LHT8/80/15 x 100m Light Stock Net £90.97
R13/120/5 x 50m Torus Horse Net £167.62
R13/192/15 X 100m Torus Deer Net £219.32
R8/80/15 x 250m Torus Stock Net £250.97
100 x 4.5mm Nails (2.5kg) £7.94
50 x 2.65mm Nails (2.5kg) £7.94
75 x 3.75mm Nails (2.5kg) £6.15
90 x 3.75/4mm Nails (2.5kg) £6.89
90mm Nails (25kg) £50.03
1000 40mm Stockade Staples c/w Gas £72.73
20 x 2mm Staples (2.5kg) £8.54
40 x 4mm Barbed Staples (20kg) £39.81
40 x 4mm Staples (20kg) £37.81
Single Gripple Large (10/pack) £1.41
Single Gripple Medium (20/pack) £0.71
Electric Fence
Cable.Lead-out 1.6mm x 50m £45.27
Insulators - egg £0.71
Insultubes. Pack of 200 £15.26
10' Steel Gate (C/W Eye Bolts and Pin) £84.67
10' Timber Gate (C/W Hanging Kit) £111.06
12' Steel Deer Gate (C/W Eye Bolts and Pin) £206.15
12' Steel Gate (C/W Eye Bolts and Pin) £93.14
12' Timber Gate (C/W Hanging Kit) £122.68
16' Steel Gate (Midland) (C/W Eye Bolts and Pin) £102.05
4' Timber Gate (C/W Hanging Kit) £75.94
8' Steel Gate (C/W Eye Bolts and Pin) £84.03
25kg Bag of Postcrete £4.50
Lashing Rods bundle of 250 £24.29
Rabbit Net clips x 1000 £6.93
The above pricelist is a summary of products available, not a full list. Get in touch for prices of other products.
All prices exclude VAT