Gros PSP2 Wood Chip Blower Trough & Auger


Gros PSP2 Wood Chip Blower Trough & Auger

Gros blowers are well constructed units desgined to meet the needs of their end users.  They provide an economical solution to moving wood chip.  

The addition of the trough & auger set up allows dump trailers or forklift buckets to unload directly into the collecting trough where the material is then auger fed into the blower before making its way to the store.  This system reduces the handling process making it a more efficient for users with large capacity storage.

Standard features:

  • 3 phase power
  • 3 m collection trough length
  • Capable of blowing material to heights of 20 m
  • Outlet hose ⌀ 250 mm
  • Capacity of up to 40 - 60 ㎥/h

Link to manufacturer:

Fan Motor Power11 - 18 KW
Power Supply3 Phase 400V
Throughput100 ㎥/h
Country of ManufactureSlovenia