Japa 395

16" Chainsaw Firewood Processor

Japa 395 is a new generation firewood processor benifiting from new features such as: new electric control system, no mechanical parts that can wear and then require adjusting.  The design of the guarding keeps the operator safe while maintaining excellent visibility during operations. In opening a guard the splitting cylinder and cutting process are automatically deactivated.

Standard features:

  • Perfect Clean™, the patented system to help maintain a clean end product
  • Key functions all performed one handed by joystick control (feeding, sawing, splitting & guide plate adjustment)
  • 4 - way knife
  • 2 splitting forces: 7 tonnes (std), 12 tonnes
  • Deck/log lift services

Optional extras:

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Max Cutting Diameter40 cm
Length of SplitUp to 52 cm
Saw TypeChainsaw
Splitting Knife Options4
Saw Bar Length40 cm
Conveyor Length4.2 m
Slewing ConveyorYes
Transport Dimensions2700 x 3400 x 1450 mm (HxLxB)
Country of ManufactureFinland