Malwa 980 Harvester


Malwa's new class leading 8 wheel low impact harvester designed for in - stand thinning with minimal canopy openings and ground damage.  A Logmax 3000T head hung on the end of a parallel-lift Kesla crane makes for a very fast and efficient harvester when processing trees of up to 52 cm diameter.  Low ground pressure, low fuel consumption and high levels of productivity make this the ideal choice for harvesting on sensitive sites where larger machines are not suitable or where the landowner wants to protect their forest asset for the future.

Malwa 980 harvester is a productive in - stand low impact thinnings harvester, even on sensitive ground and moorlands.

Weighing from 9,800 kg (typically 11,000 kg) the 8 wheel configuration allow for all round band tracks making it easier to tackle steep and soft ground.

Running a 4.4 L Cat engine meeting Stage V emissions regulations which produces 173 hp @ 2,000 rpm & 750 Nm @ 1400 rpm, fuel capacity is 240 L.

Dimension: 3200 x 6200 x 2180 mm (HxLxB), ground clearance: 520 mm

Three independent hydraulic pumps that can run at maximum output at the same time without restricting the capacity of each other. One for the transmission, one for the crane and one for the harvester head.  All pumps are Bosch Rexroth.

Mechanical – or rather hydro-mechanical – transmission translates into smooth and responsive driving on all eight wheels. We are the only company to provide this feature in this size machines.

With a Kesla 875 parallel crane specifically designed for the 980, it provides strong fast accurate movement of the Logmax 3000T head.  Although the 3000T is on the smaller end of head sizes, weighing 615 kg, it can still opperate up to a 520 mm cut and is more than capable at cleaning up UK hairy trees in one pass.

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Steering Angle± 45°
Standard Tyre Size600/40 - 22.5
Standard CraneKesla 875 Parallel Harvester Crane
Reach7.6 m
Lifting Torque72 kNm
Slew Torque22 kNm
Max Felling Diameter520 mm
Engine Power173 hp
Oil Pressure250 bar
Oil Flow220 + 145 l/min at 1700 rpm
Country of ManufactureSweden