Mecanil SG270 G2


Mecanil SG270 G2 Grapple Saws

Mecanil SG270 G2 Grapple Saws are developed to be used on excavators.  The SG270 shares the same features as the SG280 but without the tilt function and valve set for the control system.  The saw unit location means that the grapple can be used in the traditional sense and handle materials without hindrance.

3 control systems:

  • 2 double - acting hydraulic lines (grapple open/close + saw in/out) (std)
  • 1 double - acting hydraulic line (grapple open/close) + cable control
  • 1 double - acting hydraulic line (grapple open/close) + radio - control

Suitable base machines:

  • Excavators
  • Timber trailers with cranes
  • Tractors
  • Forwarders
  • Please consult your Mecanil dealer if considering installation onto another base machine

Grapple claw options:

  • Energy grapple claws (open ended)(std)
  • Traditional log claws (closed ends, straight plates)

Optional extras:

  • Larger cutting diameter (saw 25") - 630 mm

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Grapple Area0.30mĀ²
Max Opening1490 mm
Max Cutting Diameter55 cm (std), 63 cm (opt)
Tilt FunctionNo
Wireless ControlYes
Collecting Unit/Multi-Stem HandlingNo
Machine TypeExcavator
Required Oil Pressure180 - 230 bar
Required Oil Flow60 - 100 l/min
Country of ManufactureFinland
Mecanil_SG270_G2 (128.96 kB)