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Welcome to our news page. Here you will find a veriety of hopefully interesting and informative articles about Treeline as well as wider forestry subjects. The articles are split into different categories, covering our range of activities as well as a look at different items of machinery, and some informative articles for reference. We try to keep the articles brief but packed with pictures and hope that you enjoy them.

Malwa Upgrade

02/02/18  post by Nick Marshall

After 3 and a half years of using our Malwa forwarder and working it hard we decided it was time to trade it in for one of their new and hugely improved models

3 Years with the Malwa

26/11/17  post by Nick Marshall

An update on how we have been getting on with our Malwa 560f forwarder after three years of use and some pictures of what we have been doing with it.

Treeline in the Press again...

26/07/17  post by Nick Marshall

We have been lucky enough to be featured in a second article looking at what Treeline does, this time in the Forestry Journal.  Have a look at the article here...

Treeline in the Press

10/06/17  post by Nick Marshall

Take a look at the recent article which was published in Forest Machine Magazine, taking a look at what we do here at Treeline.

Our First Year (and a bit) with the Malwa 560F Forwarder

10/01/16  post by Nick Marshall

A bit of information and some pictures from our experiences of the Malwa forwarder from its first year of use in the south of Scotland.  A great little machine which has met all of our expectations.