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Woody Logman Sighting

11 June 2013  post by Michael Rummey

A potentially alarming situation has been identfied in the woodlands around Treeline HQ.

A rare sighting of "Woody Logman" has been made in the Pentland Hills - the photographs shown exclusively here on the Log Blog are the first concrete evidence for this mysterious creature.

Risk to the public

It is thought that Woody Logman does not pose a health risk to the public at large however extreme caution is advised.  If the beast is sighted again then official advice is to quietly back away from Woody and under no circumstances shake his hand.

Appeal for witnesses

Please report any sightings to Treeline who are currently conducting a full investigation into the matter.

  • Woody Logman in the Pentland Hills Woody Logman in the Pentland Hills
  • Woody Logman sighted! Woody Logman sighted!