Uniforest Titan 43/20J CD+E (PTO & 415V)

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17" Joystic Controlled Chainsaw Firewood Processor

The Titan 43/20J standard firewood processor offers the user effortless operation with the electronic joystick control allowing greater output.  It is designed for a high production end users with oil cooler as standard allowing the machine to be worked for longer maximising output.  The use of harvester bar and chain aiding faster procution and longevity.

Standard features:

  • Log deck
  • Log stabilizer with handle
  • Mechanical winch for adjusting conveyor height
  • Oil tank for automatic chain lubrication with oil level indicator
  • Splitting knife height adjustment handle
  • Splitting lengths: 25, 33, 40, 50 cm
  • Durable and powerful harvester bar & chain
  • Handle for optional deactivation of log retaining plate
  • Saw activation handle
  • 4 - way knife
  • Oil cooler
  • Hydraulic adjustable conveyor belt
  • 3 - Point linkage (Cat. II)

Optional extras at additional cost:

See links below for info on sawdust extractors: 



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Max Cutting Diameter43 cm
Splitting Force20 tonnes
Length of Split25 - 50 cm
Saw TypeHarvester Chainsaw
Splitting Knife Options8
Power SupplyDual Power 3 Phase + PTO
Saw Bar Length59cm
Conveyor Length5 m
Slewing ConveyorYes
Transport Dimensions2650 x 2580 x 1280 mm (HxLxB)
Country of ManufactureSlovenia
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