FTG Moheda Driven Timber Trailer


Moheda Driven Timber Trailers

Moheda Driven trailers feature single beam design for minimum intrusion during manouvering & loading/unloading operations.  The 4WD trailers are powered by cage drive  (Robson Rollers) and drive all 4 wheels.  The 2ND trailer is a hub drives and power 2 of the 4 wheels. 

Driven models and compatible cranes:

  Capacity Crane options
M 101 4WD 10 tonnes K 41 T, M 41 T
M 121 4WD 12 tonnes K 41 T, M 41 T, M 51 T
M 121 2ND 12 tonnes M 51 T
M 141 4WD 15 tonnes M 51 T
M 151 4WD 15 tonnes M 81 T, M 81 DT


Standard features:

  • Steering drawbar
  • Drum or disk brakes (model dependent)
  • 4 bunks (2 stakes/bunk)

Optional extras:

  • Hydraulic stabalizers
  • Extra bunk (2 stakes)
  • Winch
  • Winch controls (manual/radio controlled)
  • LS pump
  • Alternative tyres

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BrandFTG Moheda®
Load Bunk Area2.3 - 3.3 ㎡ (model dependent)
Load Length3.08 - 4.38 m (model dependent)
Steering DrawbarYes
Brakes (standard)Drum brakes
Number of Bunks as Standard4
Country of ManufactureSweden