Fuelwood Factory


Fully Automatic Firewood Machine

The Fuelwood Factory is an automatic firewood processor made up of a combination of a Woodcutta 400 and either a Kindlet Pro or a Splitta 400.  

Full lengths of timber can be fead from a log deck to the Woodcutta 400 where a harvester bar & chain combination cut these lengths into the desired rounds.  These rounds are inturn tranfered to the chosen splitting machine where it is processed to either kindling or firewood.  Depending on your output choise the products can then either be bagged straight off the shute or transfered along a conveyor to fill bulg bags.

The Woodcutta 400 has many unique features developed by Fuelwood.  Logs fead in are gripped and held so they cannot twist.  The bar & chain are .404 harvester spec and are operated on an automatically adjusting pressssure system to optimise cutting performance.  The waste/last log in the length is automatically ejected from the machine so that maintaining a constant product size is assured.

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Max Cutting Diameter40 cm
Splitting Force15 tonnes
Length of Split14 - 33 cm
Saw TypeHarvester Chainsaw
Power Supply3 Phase 400V
Slewing ConveyorYes
Country of ManufactureUnited Kingdom