Uniforest Titan 43/20

17" Manual Control Chainsaw Firewood Processor

The compact firewood processor Titan 43/20 standard is a new cutting machine that uses a harvester bar to cut logs.  In addition to being designed in accordance with the highest safety standards, it is also user - friendly.  Features found on the processor: log movement handle & conveyor belt speed dial on log deck, pressure guages showing splitting & system pressures, chain lubrication adjustment system, manual activation/deactivation of splitting, shutter for retaining log deck during transport.

Standard features:

  • Log deck
  • Log stabilizer with handle
  • Mechanical winch for adjusting conveyor height
  • Oil tank for automatic chain lubrication with oil level indicator
  • Splitting knife height adjustment handle
  • Splitting lengths: 25, 33, 40, 50 cm
  • Durable and powerful harvester bar & chain
  • Handle for optional deactivation of log retaining plate
  • Saw activation handle
  • 4 - way knife
  • 3 - Point linkage (Cat. II)

Optional extras:

See links below for info on sawdust extractors:



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Max Cutting Diameter43 cm
Splitting Force20 tonnes
Length of Split25 - 50 cm
Saw TypeHarvester Chainsaw
Splitting Knife Options4
Saw Bar Length43 cm
Conveyor Length5 m
Slewing ConveyorYes
Transport Dimensions2650 x 2550 x 1280 mm (HxLxB)
Country of ManufactureSlovenia
Uniforest_43_20 (6.20 MB)