Uniforest Profi G Series Winches


Uniforest Profi Winches G Series

The G Series winches are a robust gear driven unit aimed at the professional user.  The geart driven transmission provides low maintenance costs while expanding service life.  All the G Series have large storage areas to help with carrying chains, saws, axes and other items that are needed for a producive day.  All winches can be optioned with hydraulic hinged butt plate to help lower the center of gravity and aid manouverablility.  Smart 3in1 feature means you can keep constant tension on the cable while being able to reposition the tractor (not on 120G Power).

G Series models:

  Pulling force Required hp No. of drums
65 G 6.5 tonnes 80 hp 1
2 x 65 G 6.5 tonnes 100 hp 2
85 G 8.5 tonnes 100 hp 1
2 x 85 G 8.5 tonnes 100 hp 2
85 GF 8.5 tonnes 100 hp 1
120 G Power 12 tonnes 120 hp 1


Standard features:

  • High pulling force even with fullu wound drum
  • Robust construction
  • Long operation life & low maintenance costs
  • Foldable window guard
  • Unwinding device & wire rope guide
  • Smart 3in1 (not on 120 G Power)
  • Front mountable (85 GF)

Optional extras:

  • Auto stop function
  • Haul out winch

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Brake Force81 - 150 KN (model dependent)
Pulling Speed0.5 - 0.65 m/s (model dependent)
Winch ControlWireless Remote - Hydraulically Actuated
Front MountableNo
Wire Rope Diameter11 - 14 mm (model dependent)
Wire Rope Length118 - 160 m (model dependent)
Recommended Tractor Power80 - 120 hp
Number of Clutch Plates4 - 8 (model dependent)
Unwinding DeviceYes
Country of ManufactureSlovenia