Uniforest Premium Winches H Series


Uniforest H Series Hydraulic Winches

The H Series winches are a robust and hydraulically controlled unit that offer 4.5 - 9 tonne pulling force.  All H Series models have large storage bins located behind the butt plate but infront of the main frame reducing the amount of mud/spray filling them up from the tyres.  The H Series offers the ability of front mounting the winch (65 HF/HFPRO) to increase versatility.  The SMART 3in1 is a unique device that will maintain a constant tension on the wire rope whilst allowing the operator to manouver the tractor without unhooking from the products being winched.

H Series models:

  Pulling force Required hp
45 H/HPRO 4.5 tonnes 50 - 68 hp
55 H/HPRO 5.5 tonnes 54 - 75 hp
65 H/HPRO 6.5 tonnes 61 - 95 hp
65 HF/HFPRO 6.5 tonnes 61 - 95 hp
85 H/HPRO 8.5 tonnes min 68 hp
95 HPRO 9.5 tonnes min 74 hp


Standard features:

  • Trailer hitch
  • Lower pulley
  • Chainsaw & Pickaxe holder
  • Foldable window guard
  • Multi - plate clutch
  • SMART 3in1, std on PRO models
  • Unwinding device, std on the PRO models
  • Electro hydraulic control

Optional extras:

  • Auto stop function
  • Haul out winch

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Brake Force56 - 112 KN (model dependent)
Pulling Speed0.6 m/s
Winch ControlWireless Remote - Hydraulically Actuated
Front MountableYes
Wire Rope Diameter10 - 14 mm (model dependent)
Wire Rope Length70 - 75 m (model dependent)
Recommended Tractor Power50+ hp (model dependent)
Country of ManufactureSlovenia