Uniforest Titan 53/40 Premium


21" Circular Saw Firewood Processor

Uniforest Titan 53/40 Premium is a robust, high capacity and high volume machine.  Ideal for the professional/semi - professional users, keeping them highly productive whilst maintaining a safe working space.  The 53/40 comes as either pto or 3 - phase & pto powered models.  Despite its large capacity, the 53/40 still maintains a relatively compact footprint allowing for easy manouvering/towing with the tractor.  The 53/40 is a complete firewood solution and will help to increase the producers productivity.

Standard features:

  • Hydrsulically driven Widia circular saw: max cut ∅ 530 mm
  • 40 tonne splitting force
  • BOOMSPEED function with 2 cylinders for shorter splitting cycles
  • 1 hydraulically adjustable splitting knife: 2, 4, 8 & 18 way split depending on height
  • Built - in towing chassis for road towing
  • Integrated platform for easier access to controls and observing of operations
  • Built - in hydraulically foldable feed - in table with driven spiked rollers
  • Log diameter indicator controlled by log clamp with corresponding indicator for correct splitting knife height
  • Splitting lengths: 25, 33, 40, 50 & 65 cm
  • Max cut: 530 mm
  • 5 m long hydraulically controlled converyor

Optional extras:

  • Oil heater
  • Seprator: for cleaner end product
  • Hydraulic adjustablilty of the conveyor angle

Please see links below for information on log decks & sawdust extraction options: 





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Max Cutting Diameter530 mm
Splitting Force40 tonnes
Length of Split25 - 60 cm
Saw TypeCircular Saw
Splitting Knife Options18
Circular Saw Diameter1300 mm
Conveyor Length5 m
Slewing ConveyorYes
Working Dimensions2700 x 4630 x 2270 mm (HxWxD)
Country of ManufactureSlovenia
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