Bulk Bag of Semi-Seasoned Softwood Logs

£81.00 £77.14

As our storage space is at a premium, we can offer these semi-seasoned softwood logs at a great discounted price for a limited time. All you have to do is let them finish drying naturally at home. An excellent option for those with the space to season logs at home.

Softwood logs have the same calorific value (heat energy content) as hardwood per unit of weight but are lighter when dry meaning you get less energy per cubic metre. We have priced our softwood so that you should get the same amount of energy for your money.

Our Softwood logs:

  • If properly dried, softwood does not produce anymore soot than hardwood and so will not block your chimney.
  • It is great wood for heating your house and ideal for stoves but also open fires. 
  • Timber sourced from local, well managed woodlands to ensure a truly sustainable and low carbon fuel.
  • We are careful to ensure our logs are split to a regular size; 25cm long and about 50-100mm across.
  • Our 90x90x90cm bags are extremely well filled, not only to give you the best possible value but also because they won't stack properly in our shed if under filled!

Storage If stored appropriately, these logs should be ready to burn by winter. We recommend a location with as much airflow and sunlight as possible, but covered to keep the rain off. Stacking logs together densely will impede airflow and prolong the necessary seasoning time. Logs will not dry and may develop mold if stored in a dark shed with no airflow.

Bags We make no charge for our high quality bags at the time of delivery, but we do like to recover the empties so that they can be re-used. Please either return, or advise us if you have bags to uplift.

Lead time Please note that delivery lead times for semi-seasoned firewood are much longer than our usual turnaround - expect 2-3 weeks. Don't worry though, the logs are drying well here in the meantime!