Wee Wonky Wood

£30.00 £28.57

Our Wonky Wood is the same great quality as both our hard and soft logs, it just looks a little different! Our barrow bags are a great alternative to a bulk bag as they are perfect for delivering to those slightly awkward spaces. These logs come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for chimeneas and pizza ovens as the mixture of wood will heat quickly as well as keep you and your pizza toasty for longer. 

This is an add on item available for delivery if purchased along with a bulk bag or free to collect from Treeline yard.

Our Wonky Logs:

  • Kiln-dried logs, when properly seasoned, burn cleanly whilst giving off a great long lasting heat with no sparks to worry about.
  • Our kiln is fuelled with waste wood from our own operations and so is as environmentally friendly as all of our firewood is.
  • The perfect fuel for getting a fire started, firepits, chimeneas or pizza ovens.
  • Our logs may look a little different but by using every last part of the tree we are focusing on sustainability and the environment.
  • Our 45x45x90cm bags are extremely well filled, not only to give you the best possible value but also because they won't stack properly in our shed if under filled!
  • Timber sourced from local, well managed woodlands to ensure a truly sustainable and low carbon fuel. Only the best species are used, mainly Sycamore, Birch, Pine, Larch and Ash, with some Beech and Oak

Bags We make no charge for our high-quality bags at the time of delivery, but we do like to recover the empties so that they can be re-used. Please either return or advise us if you have bags to uplift.

RHI and BSL These logs are BSL approved for use under the RHI. The BSL number is BSL0000402-0002.

Country of ManufactureUnited Kingdom