Bulk Bag of Softwood Logs

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A great but often underated product. Softwood is often avoided as a firewood in this country. However, if the right species is selected and dried properly, it burns just as cleanly as hardwood, producing a high heat but burning slightly quicker than hardwood. Give our softwood logs a try and you will wonder why some people are so fussy...

Softwood logs have the same calorific value (heat energy content) as hardwood per unit of weight but are lighter when dry meaning you get less energy per cubic metre. We have priced our softwood so that you should get the same amount of energy for your money.

Our Softwood logs:

  • If properly dried, softwood does not produce anymore soot than hardwood and so will not block your chimney.
  • It is great wood for heating your house and ideal for stoves but also open fires. 
  • Timber sourced from local, well managed woodlands to ensure a truly sustainable and low carbon fuel. Only Pine and Larch are used, these burn cleanly with very few sparks.
  • Timber is well seasoned before being split and stored inside for several months to ensure our logs are ready to burn and will not soot up your chimney.
  • Moisture content is checked prior to delivery to ensure it is below 25%.
  • We are careful to ensure our logs are split to a regular size; 25cm long and about 50-100mm across.
  • All bags are individually marked to provide complete traceability of timber and drying times.
  • Our 90x90x90cm bags are extremely well filled, not only to give you the best possible value but also because they won't stack properly in our shed if under filled!

Hardwood or Softwood - the Facts!

Calorific value is generally measured in kilojoules per cubic metre. Calorific value varies according to moisture content, but the calorific value of softwood is approx 75% of that of hardwoods. What this means in practice is that hardwood will burn slower, and for longer, than softwoods. Softwoods will light quickly and produce a quick, bright heat but will not last as long as hardwoods.

Bags We make no charge for our high quality bags at the time of delivery, but we do like to recover the empties so that they can be re-used. Please either return, or advise us if you have bags to uplift.

RHI and BSL These logs are BSL approved for use under the RHI. The BSL number is BSL0000402-0001.