Malwa’s products are developed and built in Sweden. Our plant is located in Skene, just 30 min drive from Gothenburg. Here, in ’the middle of the woods’, we build reliable and technically advanced machines for modern, low impact forest management. Malwa produces the leading range of forestry machines within the compact machine segment.

All essential parts and components, such as the engine, control system, transmission, cranes and harvesting heads are internationally renowned products, which guarantees quality and performance of the machines. One fundamental idea is not to build machines wider than 2 metres. This is to optimise mobility in most types of woods and to avoid having to use traditional strip roads.

Our ambition is to contribute to timber-rich, storm-resistant stands with minimal environmental damage.

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Treeline represents Malwa in the UK as well as operating a 560F forwarder as part of their harvesting team.

The 560 range - Choose from a 5.5 tonne Forwarder, Harvester or Combi Machine.

Malwa produce highly productive forestry machines which are designed to minimise their impact on the environment. Their low ground pressure, low fuel consumption and low running costs, coupled with great maneuverability and high productivity make them an obvious choice.

The Malwa 560F is a truly lightweight yet productive forwarder with an excellent working environment. First class design and build quality, coupled with a well proven engine, crane and control system, all from top manufacturers, and finished with great attention to detail. This makes the 560F an unbeatable forwarder in its class. The low net weight and small turning radius enables the machine to operate gently and with minimal impact to the ground and trees. This machine is ideal when operating on sensitive sites, in tight thinnings or where minimal ground damage is important.

The 560F can be fitted with an additional trailer which doubles its carrying capacity without increasing ground pressure. This increases the carrying capacity to 9 tonnes, over 10 wheels, which makes it the gentlest and most efficient forwarder for its size.

For additional information please see some of our articles about the forwarder below:

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Please get in touch with us for further information or if you would like to arrange to see the machine working.  Our contact details can be found on our contact page.

560F Specification

  • 560F Specification
  • Length: 6.3m, Width: 1.98m, Height: 2.85m
  • Weight: from 5,700kg
  • Carrying capacity: 5,500kg, with trailer: 9,000kg
  • Engine: Caterpillar C2.8, 55kW (75hp) @2200rpm, 300Nm @1600rpm
  • Hydraulic system: 148 l/min @ 1700rpm, 195 bar
  • Transmission: 0-18km/h, 55kN tractive force, diff-lock front and rear
  • Tyres: front - 600/50x22.5 (500/60x22.5), rear - 500/50x17
  • Software: IQAN system for control of all machine functions
  • Controls: 4 function mini-levers mounted on armrests
  • Brakes: hydraulic multi disc brakes in oil bath, automatic park brake
  • Stabalisation: Hydraulic disc brake automatically activated by software
  • Crane: Cranab FC45 - 6.1m reach (optional FC45 DT - 8m reach)
  • Cabin: Electronic climate control with A/C, Radio, Air seat, LED lights