Curl up in front of a cosy fire with our excellent firewood logs

Our Firewood Logs

Our firewood logs are second to none. We can deliver them straight to your address in the Lothians, Scottish Borders and Edinburgh regions.

An example of our large bags of logs We pick the very best timber and season it well

Our locally sourced firewood

Our Firewood comes from local, sustainable sources, and is processed and stored at our yard near West Linton, in the Pentland Hills

We process the firewood ourself at our farm near West Linton Using our own processing equipment, logs are cut and split

Timber into firewood

We have our own equipment which we use to process our timber into firewood logs. Speak to us if you have timber that you would like us to process for you.

Our portable log processing machine cuts and splits timber Filling bags with our firewood logs

Our dry log store allows us to season firewood very well

Here you can see bags being filled with our firewood logs for storage in our well ventilated and dry shed.

The logs are filled into bags and stored in a dry, well ventilated shed Bags of our logs waiting for delivery

Our logs are well seasoned and ready to burn!

We are happy to deliver right to your address in the Lothians, The Scottish Borders, and Edinburgh. For certain orders delivery may even be free!

The Treeline delivery truck waiting to take an order

Buy Firewood Logs

Our aim is quite simply to provide you with the best logs which your money will buy! If you are not completely satisfied with your logs then give us a call and we will do everything we can to ensure that your worries are addressed.

Visit our firewood shop here to buy logs that we’ll deliver straight to you.

Our Firewood

Production and Material

Our Firewood comes from local, sustainable sources, and is processed and stored at our yard near West Linton, in the Pentland Hills.

What makes our firewood so good:

  • Only best of material used – Hardwoods – mainly Sycamore, Ash, Birch                                                                                                                                                                                 Softwoods – Pine and Larch
  • As dry as possible – moisture reading should be sub 25%. Logs are seasoned for at least a year, processed into ventilated bags, and stored under cover.
  • Uniform product – length does not exceed 27cms (11 inches).
  • Ventilated bags – measuring 90 x 90 x 90cms. In order to ensure that our bags can be stacked in the shed, they are extremely well filled!


We will deliver your logs, neatly in the bag, direct to you. (We like to recover the bags, but work on an honesty basis – there is no charge for the bag, and either we ask that you return it when empty, or that you hold onto it until such time as we deliver again).

If space is limited, the bag may require to be dropped on a kerb or pavement.

We aim to deliver within a few days of receipt of order, but will try to work to your requirements.  Our delivery drivers work Monday - Friday.

Hardwood or Softwood – the Facts!

Calorific value is generally measured in kilojoules per cubic metre. Calorific value varies according to moisture content, but the calorific value of softwood is approx. 75% of that of hardwoods. What this means in practice is that hardwood will burn slower, and for longer, than softwoods.

Softwoods, on the other hand, will often give off more heat more quickly.

But the most important consideration, is that the timber should be dry.


We make no charge for our high quality bags at the time of delivery, but we do like to recover the empties.

Please either return, or advise us if you have bags to uplift.

Size of Logs

We take great care with the processing, to ensure that you receive a uniform product, not exceeding 27cms (11 ins).

If you require smaller logs for a small stove, we occasionally hold limited stocks of smaller material so please ask.

Other products

We keep a range of other products in stock, including:

  • Kindling
  • Firelighters – a particularly good natural product, made from sawdust and woodshavings, and manufactured locally – called “Waxlings.”
  • Briquettes – again, manufactured locally. Very low moisture content – 6-8%, and with a long, slow burn time, they are ideal for stoves.

Pricing Structure

For our current prices please go to our firewood shop where you can also purchase the logs directly.

VAT on Firewood is charged at 5%.


We make a small charge for delivery but this reduces depending on how many bags are ordered. See the delivery section at the bottom of our firewood shop page for detailed delivery costs. Our shopping basket will calculate the delivery cost for you.

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